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09 April 2008
9 April 08
Well today started off odd. My loving son B woke me up this morning to tell me he has been cleaning in the kitchen since dad let for work (they are on spring break). Oh NO! Ok things can't be this bad. Really they can't. So I scramble down to see what I figured would be a disaster. Nope, no disaster. Ben loaded the dishwasher with all three plates, two cups and a couple forks. Bless his heart for trying. He also washed the stove off.

We had a pertty good, if not lazy day around here. That is until it was time for us go to his Doctors appointment. He wasn't listening. Than after wards we went out to Red Ruby for dinner. That was a hit or miss with Ben. Some times he is really good. Others he doesn't listen worth a damn. Tonight, he was kinda in between.

Coming home was a nightmare. He knocked his brother in the nose and than caused lots of problems since we got home. So needless to say he is in his room for a time out now, and will not get his new webkinz registred till tommorrow.

And of course I'm still trying to be the asertive parent here. DH is very asertive, but me, I am a push over. So I've been trying to follow thru with my punishments. Only with my sinuses all messed up (I hate spring!) it has been really hard. All I've wanted to do today is lie down and sleep. But nooooo. The kids are wound up like 8 day clocks.

New purpose to this blog!
I realized today just what a odd life I lead. Well not really odd. You see I live with a son who has ADHD pretty bad. And I want to start using this blog as a place I can make notes to his moods and such. Both good and bad will be documented here.

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